AYO Starring Voices of Glory

While Voices of Glory (Michael, Avery & Nadia Cole) were in the Top 5 in their “America’s Got Talent” season; today in AYO…they’re in a league all their own! Audiences are raving about Branson’s newest smash hit and you will, too! AYO starring Voices of Glory adds a whole new level to the Branson show scene and delivers an epic adventure in sound, light, dance, and joyful emotion! Nadia Cole says, “Ayo adds another level to the Branson show mix. While Ayo features our original music, and of course our gospel favorites, it also reaches out to visitors of all ages with current and familiar songs that speak to the musical soul.” Avery Cole adds, “Ayo is also a slang term for ‘Hey you’…and we’re hoping that just like that term reaches out and grabs your attention…that Ayo will reach out and grab your heart!”


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