Branson Music Festival 2019

Branson Music Festival 2019 is the highlight of Ozark Mountain Springtime in Branson. This special, two day event is jam packed with all of the music and talent that makes Branson so magical. The Oak Ridge Boys, Clay Cooper, The Haygoods, Jim Stafford and Million Dollar Quartet are just a few of the many headliners set to perform this year. Hosted by Branson Travel Planning Association and The Welk Theatre, the Branson Music Festival will take place April 26th and April 27th, 2019 and is a great way to see most all of Branson’s beloved entertainers in one spot. With 10-12 performers taking the stage each day, it’s no surprise that the American Bus Association has named it one of its top 100 events in North America.

The Branson Music Festival is More Than Just Music!

Along with ‘top notch’ entertainment, this year’s Music Fest will feature some friendly competition between you and your favorite stars. Audience members will be selected to team up with celebrities and compete in a fun, game show style contest that is sure to make for some hilarious stories to take back home. Prizes will be given and a great time will be had by all.

Branson is steeped in talent and holds some truly fascinating history. During the entertainment portion of the event and in between sets, a few of Branson’s ‘historical characters’ of yesteryear will narrate some of the Ozark’s more captivating days of old. These ‘characters’ will weave together the Branson legacy and lore as portrayed by Ruben Branson, Rose O’Neil (creator of the Kewpie Doll), Jim Owen (one-time mayor of Branson), John & Anna Ross, and other founding pillars of the Branson legacy.

The Top Music Event of the Spring

A trip to Branson isn’t complete without a tiny bit of shopping! This year’s event will host a sampling of some of the best local retailers, showcasing their wares and inviting you to browse through their booths inside the comfortable and climate controlled Welk Theater lobby.

Springtime in the Ozarks is beautiful in more way than one. Besides the jaw dropping scenery, Ozark Mountain Springtime means Branson comes to life to celebrate the dawn of a new season, bringing you Branson Music Festival 2019. The Branson Spring 2019 event showcases all the wonderful things that Branson offers all year round including delicious food, amazing entertainment and warm hospitality.

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  • Steve Timlin says:

    Very disappointed that this was advertised to include Oak Ridge Boys, Mickey Gilley and Johnny Lee and none of these “National” acts showed up? Our group of 8 purchased tickets on the Thursday night before the 2 day event and all three were listed as performers. Based on the “story” told as to why they did not perform the Festival group had to know they were not showing up. That needed to be identified as it certainly would have had an effect on our decision as to what shows to see. I am sure others were just as disappointed. It really feels like “false advertising” to me. I guess we should have stayed with the Nashville scene as this has never happened there.

    • admin says:

      Hi Steve, we are very sorry that happened. Unfortuantely, with Barbara Bush’s death just a few days prior, the Oak Ridge Boys were asked to perform at her funeral and thus couldn’t make it. MIckey Gilley and Johnny Lee were also both slated to perform and 5 days prior informed the Welk that they were double booked and would also not be attending. While we have seen cancellations of the bigger names at events before, this was unprecedented. And while we advertise the show, we do not organize the event nor book acts. Again, we are sincerely sorry for the situation. Would you mind emailing us your contact information? One of our Group Managers would like to reach out.

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